Saturday, January 26, 2013

2013, Here I Come.

Well, my plans to blog at least once a week in 2013 had been kicked to the curb as I've spent most of the year so far really sick. Chances are, if I am not working - I am in bed resting. I had a chest cold, then went back to work and came down with the flu two days later. That has turned into a sinus infection and bronchitis, which I am still working on recovering from. 

I'd like to say that it has given me plenty of time to read, but I'm doing a lot of sleeping, still. I hate it, but now that I am up and moving - reading is back on my priority list! 

So far this year I've read two books and have started two more:
1. Time Between Us 
2. Through the Ever Night
3. Crossed (started, need to finish)
4. Ask the Passengers (started, need to finish)

Class also started so I've got homework on my plate as well.

Some goals for the new year:
1. Read 75 books. 
2. Blog for ME - don't feel rushed or pressured to blog, just blog when I can and what I feel like blogging about. It may not be "book" related, but I do plan to write about day to day life, and of course - books and reading. 
3. Try to write more reviews - maybe not a review of everything I read, but the ones that stuck with me, had an impact on me or really made me think. They won't be huge and long reviews, but I'd like to review more books and spread the word. 
4. Most importantly, have fun.

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